Feel better, inside and out.

Connect with others who understand the experience of living with low vision or blindness, and access support for other life challenges.
A young child laying down looking into the face of a yellow labrador dog with a smile on their face, They are both outside and are sitting facing each other.

Companion Dogs

Companion Dogs provide ongoing support, happiness, and calming stability for people who already receive services from their local Guide Dogs organisation.
A yellow labrador Therapy Dog sitting outside. The dog is looking at the camera and is wearing an orange Therapy Dog coat.

Therapy Dogs

A source of love, friendship, and valuable knowledge to prepare children for partnering with a Guide Dog in the future.
A yellow labrador dogs face. The dog has a red collar and is looking to the left of the camera,

Autism Assistance Dogs

Autism Assistance Dogs are carefully trained to provide independence, peace of mind, and to support children with autism to feel comfortable, safe and confident in the community.
A 12 week old black labrador puppy walking on a lead wearing its Guide Dog in Training puppy coat.

Facility Dogs

Taking Guide Dogs to visit people, groups and places for a sense of calm and social connection.
A person doing yoga outside.

Leisure and lifestyle services

Get out and explore the world to connect with new people.
Two people looking at each other while they are walking down the street. One has their back to the camera while the other is smiling

Psychology and counselling

Build strategies to overcome any difficult feelings and continue to live a fulfilling life, no matter where you are in your low vision journey.

Time to CatchUp

Want a place to connect, learn and educate others with low vision or blindness?