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Help us to support Australians with low vision or blindness.
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About our national partnerships

All our partners share our vision of ensuring people with low vision or blindness gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around their communities, and fulfill their potential.

We have a proven and robust method for engaging with the corporate sector. We offer a unique and personalised approach to each partner we work with, from aligning with your corporate social responsibility strategy and building joint marketing campaigns, to increasing staff and customer engagement.

A Guide Dogs staff member and a black labrador dog sitting outside. The staff member and dog are both looking at each other.
Enhance your brand, engage your employees and customers, and create a bespoke partnership to achieve your social and business objectives.
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Sharing our passion for creating independence and freedom.
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There are many ways your company can help us continue our vital work.

How to become a partner

To find out more about partnering with one of Australia’s most loved and trusted charities please contact us at

A yellow labrador dog outside. The dog is in a profile view.
Coles has unleashed a new national fundraising campaign for Guide Dogs
From now until 21 May, Coles will donate five cents for every dog food product sold.