Support for children.

Understand your child's level of functional vision and help them learn techniques to access different visual materials.
A young child playing outside with the mother watching in the background.
Ongoing support for parents or carers of babies with low vision or blindness.
A couple sitting outside watching their baby walk towards them. The mother and father have smiles on their faces.
Enhance your child’s independence and improve their confidence at school, at home, in the community, and even as teens transition into young adulthood.
Occupational Therapists are health professionals who can support your child to achieve their goals at home, work, or school: whatever their age and whatever their level of vision.
A yellow labrador dogs face. The dog has a red collar and is looking to the left of the camera,
Autism Assistance Dogs are carefully trained to provide independence, peace of mind, and to support your child to feel comfortable, safe, and confident in the community.
A young child looking at the camera smiling.
Support your child to understand their level of functional vision and learn techniques to access visual information.
Person's hand using the keyboard of a laptop.
There are many tools and devices to help your child access information, find their way around, connect with friends, or enjoy their favourite activities.
A young child smiling at the camera while their mother looks at them from behind. The mother is smiling at their child.
Education Department Funding is delivered in partnership with the South Australian Government to support eligible children through their experience of early years and school education.

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