Regular Giving.

Your monthly support will help more puppies get a head start on becoming Guide Dogs.
A yellow eight week old labrador puppy sitting outside on some grass with a dog toy in its mouth.

Support our Guide Dog puppies.

Our pups need your help!

Your regular donation helps to support our pups on their journey to becoming highly skilled Guide Dogs. With your support, these puppies will go on to transform the lives of people with low vision or blindness.

It costs $50,000 and takes over two years to breed, raise, and train one of these puppies. It’s a journey made possible thanks to the support of our regular donors: people just like you.

Your regular contribution goes a long way towards transforming someone’s life for the better.

An eight week old black labrador puppy looking at the camera whilst its front paws are perched on a ledge. The puppy is outside and a person is supporting the puppy.

What you'll receive

You will be right at the heart of their incredible journey.

By becoming a regular donor, you give puppies the best possible start on their journey to becoming Guide Dogs.

You’ll also get plenty of exclusive offers and opportunities like:

  • A welcome pack
  • Regular PUPdates on their progress
  • Exclusive content and invitations
  • Plus lots more special surprises!

Find out more about the Regular Giving program in your state here.

An eight week old yellow labrador puppy resting its head and paws on a person's shoulder.

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