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Meet the people we support

Hear from some of the people we support in communities all around Australia.
A group of four young adults sitting outside on the grass. There is a yellow labrador dog sitting with them and the dogs head is resting on one of the young adults legs.
Two people standing outside lookin at the camera smiling.
Since losing his vision at four years old, Robert’s been developing his orientation and mobility skills with support from Guide Dogs.
Life for eight-year-old Oisin has changed dramatically since he was matched with Autism Assistance Dog, Zena.
A young child standing outside looking at the camera. The child has their eyes closed.
“With my cane, I can go anywhere and do anything!”
A young adult standing outside with their white cane. They are looking at the camera smiling.
Being a teenager comes with a lot of challenges and changes. Now imagine if you also had to deal with a rapid change in vision.
A person standing outside smiling at the camera while holding their white cane.
When Christine lost around 50 percent of her vision from a stroke, she learned that Guide Dogs is more than just dogs.
Three people seated at a cafe table. The one person who is facing the camera is smiling.
When Trevor experienced a sudden change in vision, he felt isolated from the world. As a social person, he didn’t want to spend all his days indoors, so he reached out to Guide Dogs.