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A person standing outside smiling at the camera while holding their white cane.

Christine's story

When Christine lost around 50 percent of her vision from a stroke, she learned that Guide Dogs is more than just dogs! After reaching out to Guide Dogs Victoria, a team of Orthoptists, Occupational Therapists, Assistive Technology specialists, and Orientation and Mobility specialists were assembled to get Christine back on her feet.

Orthoptists visited Christine to discuss how to optimise her remaining vision using different lighting and colour temperature of the light, and magnifying devices. Occupational Therapists helped Christine with activities of daily living within the home, like bed-making, and cooking, including safe knife skills. The Assistive Technology specialists adjusted Christine’s phone and computer using available features and functions to enhance words by adjusting font size and background.

Christine was taken to places like shopping centres that she frequented to orientate herself, and learned how to safely and independently use public transport again. Christine was also given an identification cane which she occasionally uses in unfamiliar surroundings to gauge depth and perception of the surroundings.

"The Orientation and Mobility specialist spent the most time with me and I really appreciated their useful hints to help me gain my independence. I was given an identification cane which I use to gauge the depth and perception of my surroundings."
- Christine

Christine's advice

“Grieve the loss of function, but keep looking at the brighter side. Keep positive and set goals one step at a time.”

A lady with two guide dogs