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Move with more assurance and independence.

Travelling to work or school. Using technology. Connecting with others in your community. Whatever you want to do, and whatever you need to make it easier and safer, we'll support you.
Two people at an indoor karate class. Both are in a karate uniform and are holding their hands in a karate pose.
Guide Dog Mobility training provides skills and techniques to establish trust in your specially matched Guide Dog. Together, you can walk freely and feel confident regardless of your vision level.
Whether you’ve experienced long-term low vision, a recent change in vision, or you’re gradually losing sight, Adult Mobility training offers everyday travel skills to keep you moving with confidence.
A couple sitting outside watching their baby walk towards them. The mother and father have smiles on their faces.
Enhance your child’s independence and improve their confidence at school, at home, in the community, and even as teens transition into young adulthood.