How We Can Help

Guide Dogs offers more than services related to dogs. If you have low vision or blindness, or have experienced a recent change in vision, we can support you in lots of different ways.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you to develop and hone new skills, find better and safer ways of getting where you need to go, get support for your child, and much more.

In this section of our website you can find information on:

Travelling to work or school. Using technology. Connecting with others in your community. Whatever you want to do, and whatever you need to make it easier and safer, we'll support you.
We can support you to do what you love every day, whether you've recently undergone a change in vision or have experienced long-term low vision or blindness.
Through advocacy, consulting, campaigns, and communication, Guide Dogs helps to ensure that workplaces, buildings, transport, and community spaces are accessible for people with low vision or blindness.
Find the right funding information, support, and services with a personal guide by your side.
Regain your confidence and explore new skills for new life circumstances.
Understand your child's level of functional vision and help them learn techniques to access different visual materials.
Connect with other people who understand the experience of living with low vision or blindness, and access support for other life challenges.

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