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Our dogs.

Learn more about our dogs' journeys: from adorable pups to life-changing companions.
A yellow labrador dog sitting outside looking at the camera. The dog has its head tilted to the side slightly.
Some pups may not have the traits to graduate as working Guide Dogs, but do have many skills and attributes they can use to play a positive role in the community!
Close up of a person with their Guide Dog, who is caramel in colour and in harness. The person is smiling at the dog.
Ensuring you and your Guide Dog share a powerful bond built on trust, companionship, and a strong connection.
Two eight week old puppies, one yellow and one carmel, sitting outside next to each other on a path. They are both looking at the camera.
Learn about our internationally renowned Guide Dogs and world-class puppy program.
International Guide Dog Day 2024
Anywhere you can go, Guide Dogs can go too.