About our puppies.

Providing the next generation of working Guide Dogs with the best start possible.

Two eight week old puppies, one yellow and one carmel, sitting outside next to each other on a path. They are both looking at the camera.

The early years

At Guide Dogs, we’re able to offer an internationally renowned standard of Guide Dogs thanks to our world-class puppy program.

Every Guide Dog puppy meets the world at one of our state-based Guide Dogs organisations. These facilities play a key role in the development, raising, and training of future Guide Dogs. We are proudly recognised as one of the five leading Guide Dog providers in the world.

Our puppy nursing program has been refined since 1965. Today, every pup is born with the characteristics they need for the extraordinary demands of Guide Dog work. Our breeding dogs maintain a very high standard; only the best of the best are accepted!

We also source carefully-selected breeding dogs from a special network of international Guide Dog schools. These worldwide partnerships ensure we maintain our world-class lineage of puppies and potential Guide Dogs.

An eight week old yellow labrador puppy outside looking at the camera.

Can any dog become a Guide Dog?

There are a wide variety of types within the Labrador breed: from tall, powerfully built males and solid females, to small, lighter-framed dogs.

Labradors are generally highly trainable. They can also readily transfer their affection and loyalty from one person to another without complication. Additionally, Labradors are renowned for the positive and beloved reputation in the community.

We also use Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever crosses, and purebred Golden Retrievers.

How we nurture our pups

Puppies born at Guide Dogs organisations around the country stay with their mothers until they are weaned and ready for placement with a family in the community. This typically occurs at around eight weeks of age.

During their first eight weeks, our puppies are socialised on a daily basis. Every puppy is carefully nurtured from birth so they can fulfil their potential as exceptional mobility partners and true companions for people with low vision or blindness.

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