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A young child standing outside looking at the camera. The child has their eyes closed.

Kodi's story

Kodi receives services and support through Guide Dogs SA/NT.

“With my cane, I can go anywhere and do anything!”

A young child with their mother. The child is smiling at the camera while the mother is looking at their child smiling.

For children who are born with low vision or blindness, like 10-year-old Kodi, their first white cane opens up a world of possibilities.

“Because Kodi was born without vision, he’s had to learn about the world differently,” his mum, Julie, says.

"Kodi got his first white cane when he was three. Initially, he was a bit unsure about it until his big brother dubbed the cane ‘Kodi’s magic stick’. It was the perfect name! Kodi’s cane gives him the power to do things he might not otherwise do."
- Julie, Kodi's mum.