An accessible online community platform from Guide Dogs Australia
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Introducing CatchUp

A fully accessible online platform where people with low vision or blindness can connect.

We’ve created the CatchUp platform as another way for people with low vision and blindness to discover a sense of connection and support.

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We envision the CatchUp platform as the most trusted and engaging portal for anyone with low vision or blindness, as well as providing valuable resources for families and broader support networks. Specifically, the CatchUp platform provides opportunities for you to:

  • Easily find relevant and interesting information through articles or Social Group Discussions.
  • Make deeper connections with your community through Private Groups and Private Messaging.
  • Share ideas, experiences, education or events with others.
  • Learn more about support and services from Guide Dogs.

Improved accessibility and user experience

Supporting people with low vision and blindness through education and connection.

CatchUp will now play a key role in achieving the Guide Dogs Australia Mission to support people with low vision and blindness to be independent and achieve whatever goals they may have in life.

For Guide Dogs Australia, this is achieved through education and connection.

In an increasingly digital world it’s more important than ever for people with low vision and blindness to be able to navigate the online world confidently. This includes making appointments with service providers, accessing information about services and funding, or even being able to learn about events that they may wish to attend.

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Common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the CatchUp platform at this location: You can view the CatchUp platform in your internet browser, using any of your phone, tablet or desktop devices.

As a leading provider of services for people with low vision or blindness, Guide Dogs is committed to providing online platforms and collaboration tools that are accessible to all. CatchUp is a platform that is tailored specifically to people within the low vision and blindness community and content is optimised for magnification and non-visual access. We will continue to strive towards the highest standards of accessibility, and if you have any concerns or comments on the accessibility of this platform please contact or call us on Tel: 1800 804 805.

The process of designing and building the platform was collaborative, with frequent input, testing, feedback and validation from people with low vision or blindness. Throughout, we conducted extensive testing with the most common screen readers, such as JAWS and NVDA. We’ve also developed some features to increase contrast and create a zoom-in view of content, which you can access in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Yes—we want to give you plenty of reasons to keep coming back! Like any community, we expect the CatchUp platform to grow and evolve over time. We already have some exciting new updates planned for the very near future. Plus, we’ll continue to source your feedback and adjust things to provide the best experience possible.

Some of our latest features are:

  • Private Groups. Be a part of an invite only section of CatchUp where community groups can connect with each other, share information and keep in touch. Your group will even have its own Group Admin to manage attendees!
  • Member Lookup and Private Messaging. This means you can now find people you may know on CatchUp and connect with them directly through a Private Message function. Don’t worry, you need to approve connection requests before you can receive messages from people!
  • Badges. You may have noticed a new section for Badges too. You can now earn these fun Badges on your profile for participating on CatchUp. So get chatting and update your profile to earn yours. Can you earn them all?
  • Personalised Profile. You can also now personalise your profile more than just your nickname! You can add things like your bio, interests or display your Badges. What you choose to share is up to you!

Everyone’s welcome! That includes:

  • people with lived experience of blindness or low vision
  • friends or family members of people with low vision
  • professionals working in the industry looking to learn more

Guide Dogs recognises and celebrates the richness that diversity brings to our workplaces and communities. As such, Guide Dogs is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status, and that the provision of our services, supports and programs do not discriminate against people based on these protected attributes.

Please note people will need to be at least 13 years old to join the CatchUp platform. This is in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Be a part of an invite only section of CatchUp where community groups can connect with each other, share information and keep in touch. Your group will even have its own Group Admin to manage attendees!

To get set up with a Private Group, contact us at

Time to CatchUp

Want a place to connect, learn and educate others with low vision or blindness?