International White Cane Day 2021

On IWCD, we celebrate the achievements of people with blindness or low vision.
A person with their white cane walking down the street with a Guide Dogs staff member. Both people are smiling at the camera and the person with the cane is holding the staff member by the elbow.

Video description

Salina walks down a suburban footpath using a white cane. She encounters a bin left on the footpath, navigates around it with her white cane and keeps walking.

Four people in bright matching tracksuits dance towards a second bin and remove it from Salina’s path with a flourish. Salina continues on her way.

Items left out for a council clean up block her path. The helpful people reappear, picking up items and dancing away with them to clear the way.

Salina approaches some abandoned scooters. The tracksuited people remove the scooters and ride away in style.

Salina continues walking around a corner where people sit outside at a café.

The helpful dancers arrive and spot a chair in Salina’s path. Before they can clear the way, a man at the café stands up and moves it. Salina walks past using her white cane.

The helpful people look at each other approvingly and dance away. Salina meets her friends at the café.

Text reads:  This International White Cane Day we’re asking you to keep the streets clear. Keep Clear and Carry On!

The Guide Dogs logo appears.