About our national partnership with ADVANCE™.
A black labrador dog is seated next to a large bag of dog food. The dog is looking at the camera.

Learn the story of our partnership

Premium food for healthy, growing Guide Dogs.

ADVANCE™ is one of Guide Dogs Australia’s longest-standing partners.

ADVANCE™ supports the health of our growing Guide Dogs through the donation of super premium dog food for our full colony of dogs.

ADVANCE™ gives our puppies the best start to life with a range that combines world-leading research with quality ingredients, proudly manufactured here in Australia.

We feed our dogs ADVANCE™ from Puppy Raising and training, through to graduation. We know our dogs are getting the best possible food to maintain their health and energy so they are ready to take on the exciting adventures that every day brings.

A yellow ten week old labrador puppy eating some dog food from a bowl on some grass. There is a large bag of dog food in the background.

ADVANCE™ provided 95 tonnes of Super Premium Dog Food in Financial Year 2019/2020.

"ADVANCE™ is a long-time partner supporting Guide Dogs since 2004. We are proud to feed and support the health of all Guide Dog puppies in Australia, helping each pup take on new adventures every day."
- Emily Dowling, Marketing Director, Mars Pet Nutrition Australia

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