Live better at home.

Whether you have had a change in vision or experienced low vision long-term, get the right skills and support to achieve your goals in life.
Close up image of the bottom half of a white cane on tactile tiles.

Occupational Therapy

Whether you want to learn personal care skills or something you can apply at home, Occupational Therapists support you to perform tasks confidently and get the most out of every day.
Person's hand using the keyboard of a laptop.

Assistive Technology

There are many tools and devices to help you access information, find your way around, connect with friends, or enjoy your favourite activities.
A young child looking at the camera smiling.


Understand your level of functional vision and get the skills and equipment you need to support your vision goals.

Time to CatchUp

Want a place to connect, learn and educate others with low vision or blindness?