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Bondi Vet Visits the Guide Dog Centre

September 10, 2021

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Bondi Vet to our Guide Dogs Centre in NSW.

Go behind the scenes with Bondi Vet to find out what a day in the life is like for our vets who work in the breeding program, and say hello to some of our newest recruits!

You can watch the full episode here.

Video Description

The video opens on a shot of a beach with the Bondi Vet logo. Dr Kate Adams sits in a veterinary surgery room. As she talks, footage from the Guide Dogs Centre plays in the background. We see black and yellow Labrador puppies being fed, Guide Dogs walking with their handlers, and a black newborn puppy being held by a vet.

A yellow van drives up the Guide Dogs Centre driveway, and is greeted by Dr Caroline Moeser, who opens the van doors to show that there are Labrador puppies inside. Caroline and Guide Dogs staff member Leah cuddle the puppies and hold them up for the camera, then transport them over to the Guide Dog kennels. The puppies run around, play, eat, and explore their new environment. A Guide Dogs staff member brings the puppies’ mother – a black adult Labrador – into the pen, and the puppies all run over to her excitedly. Soon, the puppies begin to fall asleep.

A Guide Dogs staff member walks Huxley – a yellow Labrador – into a room where other staff members are waiting along with a female yellow Labrador. Huxley and the female sniff each other. Dr Caroline Moeser holds up a plastic vial of semen and puts it into a laboratory machine. Caroline and another staff member store the sample in dry ice.

Coco, a pregnant black Labrador, enters the clinic. Dr Caroline scans Coco’s belly and examines the x-rays. Several days later we see Coco ready to give birth in a surgical room. A Guide Dogs staff member holds up a black newborn puppy.

Puppy Raiser Meredith walks black Labrador puppy Utah down a suburban street by the water. Meredith trains Utah to sit, stay, come, and lie down using kibble. We see Utah wearing his orange Guide Dog in Training jacket, and Meredith giving lots of hugs to Utah. As Meredith reminds herself that Utah could go on to change a person’s life, we see a black Labrador Guide Dog in harness walking down a city street with their Handler.

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