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Social Impact Survey report

November 24, 2023

Guide Dogs is pleased to report the findings of its 2023 Social Impact Client Survey, which was conducted to review the work we do and its effectiveness in helping our Clients live the life they choose.

Most of our work is with individuals and their families or caregivers. When social, physical and digital environments are not accessible or inclusive, it negatively impacts people with low vision or blindness. Through our Guide Dogs and our client and vision services, we work with our Clients to increase their skills, confidence and their access to support and accessibility tools.

We strive to enable more choice for how people go about their day-today lives. We support people to pursue meaningful activities that are important to them and to build and maintain strong relationships and connections. We want to help people to feel more positive about the future.

Day-to-day life is one of the areas where we had the most impact for people who access our Client and Vision Services. Eighty one percent of people who accessed Client and Vision Services said they did daily activities with more independence.

Read the full report here.

Other key findings were:

  • 80% of Clients are more confident getting out and about.
  • 78% of Clients say they are more confident doing daily activities.
  • 76% of Clients say they feel safer in their home, in relation to their vision condition.
  • 73% of Clients say they feel more positive about the future.
  • 71% of Clients say they are more able to live the life they want.
  • 71% of Clients say they have made or maintained their social connections.
  • 68% of Clients say they spend more quality time with the people they care about.
  • 65% of Clients say they do more of the things that are important to them.

Guide Dogs is committed to learning and improving and we look forward to continuing to measure our social impact, and working with our Clients, volunteers, supporters and partners so that people with low vision or blindness can live the life they choose.